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Tom, avoiding a large hole on the Skaftá

Skaftá, Part II Day 2

Our river tent, a 2 man Quaser, is really a bit cramped with 3 of us. The night was uncomfortable, with a damp and gritty sleeping bag, and not quite enough space. We don’t hang about and the weather has not improved much. continue reading…


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Tom on the middle section of the Skaftá

Skafta, Part II

Beginning to miss waking up in a steaming hot tent at 4am. Still raining this morning, and we decide to set-up and run a longer section of the Skafta. We set off up Route 208 and find a suitable put-in.  As it is still raining, we put up the river tent at the put-in and I set off to run the shuttle. Most of the morning has been spent sorting out the river camping kit and some food. We are expecting just one night on the river.  continue reading…


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Tom, surfing on the wave on Good News Canyon, Skafta

Kayaking on the Skafta

First day here we have not woken up in a terrible sweat. Cloud is at 10/10 and it just started to rain as we broke camp. This is south east Iceland though, where annual rainfall almost keeps up with Cherrapunji. continue reading…


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Andy in front of a large lump of blue ice, Jokulsarlon

Jokulsarlon in the Sun

The hot weather continues, and we have to pile out of bed again when the sun hits the tent. I am sure this cannot last. We do the short drive to Jokulsarlon and the sun is out. Load the camera with ISO 50 Fuji slide film and set out on to the water. continue reading…


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Tom paddling on the Kolgrima

Journey South

Awoke with the usual heat problems. There was a gentle breeze outside, and my early morning stroll along the beach was rather cool. Disturbed a large number of whooper swans. continue reading…


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Andy paddling on the Geithellnaa

Geithellnaa at Last

Woke up again very early as the sun warmed the tent to the temperature you usually expect in a British hotel. Had a long slow breakfast before getting ready for the run. continue reading…


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Road on the way up the south bank of the Geithellnaa

Landrover Breakdown

Woke up very early this morning in a terrible sweat. We all brought winter down sleeping bags from Rab before we left, but that is now looking like a poor choice. The sun is hot on the tent at 3am. Surely this weather and good fortune cannot last. continue reading…


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Tom paddling on the Nordurdalsa

Iceland, Day 2

Woke up to find the weather not quite up to yesterdays remarkable sunshine.  We head off and start to set up to run the  Nordurdalsa.

continue reading…


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The Landrover and the MV Norröna in Seyðisfjörður

Arrived in Iceland

Woke up at 7am, and took a look on deck. Iceland was in view, and we had a lovely clear morning. We are nearly there, and there is only the small matter of Customs to clear. continue reading…


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On the ferry through the Faroe Islands

Stopover in Torshavn

After a late night to get on the Smyril Line Ferry to Iceland, we have a bit a lie in. Being for so long on a ferry really is pretty dull. We have a couple of hours to look around Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands before continuing north-west towards Seyðisfjörður.

Torshavn Docks