Tom paddling on the Nordurdalsa

Iceland, Day 2

Woke up to find the weather not quite up to yesterdays remarkable sunshine.  We head off and start to set up to run the  Nordurdalsa.

The run proves to be highly entertaining, with a few eskimo rolls that help sharpen our confidence on the water.  We do about 6km of the river, before continuing south.

For a camp site, we head up the Fossa valley. As the name suggests, the river contains many waterfalls and we consider it not worth the effort. It is a great spot for camping, and we manage a late evening stroll in the sun after filling ourselves to the brim with BeanFeast.

Camp site on the Fossa

We happen upon a dead sheep with a pretty clean looking skull and with a bit of spare wire, attach our new mascot to the front grill of the Landrover. The mascot gets called Billy, even though, chances are it was a ewe not a ram.

Two rivers in two days, things are looking up, and all that planning and effort has been put behind us.

Landrover front grill with Billy, our new mascot