Rob paddling a Pyranha Master on the Nordurdalsa

River: Nordurdalsa.

Grid Reference: 64 deg 52′ N: 14 deg 10′ W.

Grade: IV with V falls.

Length: 6 km.

Date run: 28.06.91.

Weather Conditions: Dull.

Level: Moderate/low.

Significant portages: None.

Access arrangements

There is a small track running up the north side of the river. This crosses a tributary (Gilsa) just after a track heads of to a farm on the right. If this tributary is bump and scrape then the river will be at a moderate to low level. It will be big if no rocks are apparent.


The river passes under route 1 and then under another track south of route 1. Get out after the bridge.


Andy on the Nordurdalsa

After bobbing down the tributary and joining the river there are several III and IV drops leading up to a larger drop. Most of the water going down this hits a large rock on the left hand bank. It can be shot on river right. Roughly 200 metres further on you will reach a tight horse shoe drop, 2-3 metres high. This has a vicious stopper with big boils and a large tow back. We portaged this but it could be run at low levels. Round the corner is a river wide pourover. This could be run in the centre, we didn’t.
The river enters a small canyon with a long straight rapid which is run on the right. Before leaving the canyon there is a tight drop falling into a small pool and then flowing through a narrow gap. This seems OK running centre or river right but not on the left. Following is a large drop easily run in low water, possibly different at higher levels. The river has not much else to offer except a large stopper just after passing route 1 on the right.