Andy in front of a large lump of blue ice, Jokulsarlon

Jokulsarlon in the Sun

The hot weather continues, and we have to pile out of bed again when the sun hits the tent. I am sure this cannot last. We do the short drive to Jokulsarlon and the sun is out. Load the camera with ISO 50 Fuji slide film and set out on to the water.

Rob, posing with his Pyranha Master Kayak, Jokulsarlon

This is the most wonderful place in Iceland to go kayaking. The water is freezing, and there are great lumps of ice carving off the Vatna Jokul, but the photo opportunities are excellent. We paddle about fairly close to the toe of the glacier, but keep a respectable distance as we can here the ice moving about. Run off an entire film and hope there is something we can show Pyranha Mouldings when we get back home.

Back at the Landrover, Andy decides to test the Buffalo kit we bought at a great discount. Just wearing a Buffalo Mountain Shirt and some wetsuit shorts he jumps in the Jokulsarlon and waits for 30 seconds. The water temperature is about 0°C. Although the Buffalo Mountain Shirt are proving to be an excellent choice for kayaking, Andy leaves the water very sharpish and takes several hours to warm up again.

Andy recovering from his dipping in the Jokulsarlon

We continue off to the west and set up camp near Kirkjubæjarklaustur.