Tom paddling on the Kolgrima

Journey South

Awoke with the usual heat problems. There was a gentle breeze outside, and my early morning stroll along the beach was rather cool. Disturbed a large number of whooper swans.

We set off south with the plan of exploring up the Holsa river which is in the valley to the south of the Geithellnaa. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the farm at the bottom of the track, a lady made it pretty clear we were not welcome, and that the track was private. First time we had seen that reaction in Iceland.

Andy paddling on the Kolgrima

We decided to continue south and head for Hofn, and a trip to the swimming pool. The steering on the Landrover was really getting to me, so we stopped to take a look. The bolts holding the steering arm to the wheel hub were very loose, so we got the tool-kit out and set to work tightening them up. Whilst we were under the front, we saw a large crack just under the front spring hanger. Andy prodded it with the hammer and found a large area of rotten steel. It did not look too bad, so fingers crossed, we carried on.

Enjoyed the swimming pool at Hofn (540Kr for the 3 of us). Underwater swimming competition was held with Andy the winner at 2.6 lengths. It was only a small pool though. Failed to re-fill the gas bottle at Hofn, and then set off to paddle the Kolgrima river.

The Kolgrima was as much fun as it had been in 1989. The water temperature was very cold, 1°C according to our thermometer. Andy discovered at one point he was sharing an eddy with a large lump of floating ice. The Vatna Jokull is not too far away, and we were fortunate not to get clobbered by lumps as we enjoyed the rapids.

Found a suitable campsite on the way to Jokulsarlon ice lake. Spent the evening watching terns, arctic and great skuas.