Andy paddling on the Geithellnaa

Geithellnaa at Last

Woke up again very early as the sun warmed the tent to the temperature you usually expect in a British hotel. Had a long slow breakfast before getting ready for the run.

Andy drove down the track, and we all walked back together. There was pretty much no chance of a lift on this track, and we have not seen another vehicle since leaving Route 1.

Tom paddling on the Geithellnaa

The river level was lower than in 1989, and we missed out the top drop, as it look really nasty. Water temperature was really cold, but the light was great and bright enough for some photos at 1/4000th. We all had a great run down the river, baring one accident where one of the group’s paddlers had to make an in-river boat exit.

Enjoyed a large lunch once re-united with the Landrover, and after a short nap, we drove incident free,  back  down the track. We needed more fuel, so went to Djupivogur. Took quite a while to find a telephone, much to the amusement of a couple of local girls in the garage. We eventually had to ask for directions.

Set up camp by the sea, with a picturesque mist forming in front of the mountains.