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The Land Rover at Jokulsarlon

River: Jokulsarlon Ice Lake

Grid Reference: 64 deg 2′ N; 16deg10′W

Grade: Flat

Length: 3-4km wide

Date Paddled: 02.07.91

Weather Conditions: Very hot and sunny

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River: Dalsa

Andy on the top drop of the Dalaa

Grid Reference: 64 deg 57′ N: 14 deg 10′ W

Grade: III

Length: 2-3km

Date run: 27.06.91

Weather conditions: Hot and Sunny

River level: Medium to low

Significant portages: None

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Andy and Tom on the Upper Eystri Jokulsa

River:  Eystri Jokulsa

Grid Reference: 65deg3′N; 18 deg 30′W

Grade: II-IV

Length: 65Km

Date Run: 10.08.91 and 11.08.91

Weather Conditions: Warm and sunny

River Level: Medium

Significant portages: One

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River: Markarfljot (upper section)

Grid Reference: 63 deg 45′N; 19 deg 15′ W.

Grade: III

Length: 8-10 Km

Date run: 17.07.91

Weather conditions: Cloud and drizzle

River level: Moderate

Significant portages: None

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Ytri Ranga

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Tom playing on the Ytri Ranga

River: Ytri Ranga

Grid Reference: 64 deg 5′N; 19 deg 50′W.

Grade: III/IV

Length: 5-6 km

Date run: 13.07.91

Weather conditions: Dull

River level: Moderate ??

Significant portages: None

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River: Tungna

Grid Reference: 64 deg 10′ N; 19 deg 15′W. ??

Grade: III with portages.

Length: ??

Date run: Inspected 9.7.91.

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny

River level: ??

Significant portages: Two.

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River: Skafta (lower section).

Grid Reference: 63 deg 45′ N; 18 deg 17′ W.

Grade: IV with lots of flat.

Length: 7 km.

Date run: 3.07.91.

Weather conditions: Rain and fog.

River level: Moderate.

Significant portages: None.

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River: Skafta (middle section).

Grid Reference: 63 deg 55′ N; 18 deg 37′ W.

Grade: IV and V.

Length: 20km.

Date run: 4.07.91 – 5.07.91.

Weather conditions: Rain and fog.

River level: Medium.

Significant portages: Three.

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Ian on the Kolgrima

River: Kolgrima

Grid Reference: 64 deg 16′ N;   16 deg 20′ W.

Grade: Five IV falls with flat stretches in between.

Length: 2-3 km.

Date run: 1.07.91.

Weather conditions: Very hot and sunny.

River level: 1.4 on the gauge next to the second drop.

Significant portages: None.

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Andy on the upper Geithellnaa

River: Geithellnaa (upper section)

Grid Reference: 64 deg 37′N:   14 deg 50′W.

Grade: IV with one V fall.

Length: ?

Date run: 30.06.91.

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny.

River level: Medium.

Significant portages: None.

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