The Land Rover at Jokulsarlon

River: Jokulsarlon Ice Lake

Grid Reference: 64 deg 2′ N; 16deg10′W

Grade: Flat

Length: 3-4km wide

Date Paddled: 02.07.91

Weather Conditions: Very hot and sunny

Access arrangements

The lake joins the sea just after it passes under route 1. There is a tourist centre just east of the suspension bridge next to the lake.


Tom and Andy on the Jokulsarlon

The Jokulsarlon Ice lake is undoubtedly one of the most impressive places to go canoeing in Iceland. It is formed by large lumps of the Vatnajokull ice cap breaking away and falling into the sea. The lake created is full of huge icebergs, some of which look as if they have been floating around for months.
Although there is a tourist boat offering trips around the lake this isn’t nearly as impressive as getting on and going for a paddle. It is possible to get right up next to the glacier, but be careful. Occasionally large lumps break away and come crashing into the lake. The noise and splash created is absolutely smashing but it would be a stupid way to die so don’t get to close. Numerous floating ice caves are created by the melting ice bergs. Some of these are big enough to have quite an adventure in. Try not to get stuck in these, what future archaeologists would think if they found a white water canoeist, dressed all in neoprene and encased in plastic, preserved in an iceberg is difficult to predict