Tom playing on the Ytri Ranga

River: Ytri Ranga

Grid Reference: 64 deg 5′N; 19 deg 50′W.

Grade: III/IV

Length: 5-6 km

Date run: 13.07.91

Weather conditions: Dull

River level: Moderate ??

Significant portages: None

Access arrangements

Drive approximately 7 km up the F26 after the last garage. Take a right turn anddrive past the woods and the holiday homes, put in below the fall.


Get out 6km further down. There is a grass track on the south east side of this road. Park at the top of a steep grass bank.


Tom Playing on the Ytri Ranga

The first easy section is followed by slightly harder grade in after which a fall looms. At the top of this fall start left, then head right missing the large hole. A flat section leads to the “keyhole”. A 100 metres above the road bridge is a very narrow gap (lm) followed by a large boil. A few boring bits leads to a good play section. Go left of the island and aim for the far right side of the channel. The drop is excellent for popouts. The river then passes a campsite with a small river wide playhole. More flat sections before the action returns, choose the left channel again and then stick to the right hand side. A big drop approaches. Take it on the left voiding the sharp rock in the centre. The bottom pool is very deep. There is a small grade III section before egressing on the right hand side.