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This video is a reworked edit from old Super 8 film taken during the 1989 trip on a descent of the Skjalfandafljot.

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Back in May 1990 Land Rover Owner International were kind enough to publish an article and photos from the 1989 trip.

Tom on the Bru

River: Jokulsá á Brü

Grid Reference: 65 deg 15′N; 15 deg 20′ W

Grade: V

Length: 18km

Date run: 31.07.91.

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny.

River level: 450 cumecs / Medium

Significant portages:  None

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River: Hverfisfljot (lower section)

Grid Reference: 63deg52′N; 17deg45′W.

Grade: Upper section has lots of V and IV drops. The lower section is III.

Length: 3km (lower section)

Date run:  23.07.91.

Weather conditions:  Light drizzle

River level:  Medium/high.

Significant portages:  None on the lower section.

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Markarfljot Canyon

River: Markarfljot (Canyon section)

Grid Reference: 63 deg 45* N; 19 deg 22′ W.

Grade: V/VI.

Length: 10 km.

Date run: Inspected 15.07.91.

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny.

River level:

Significant portages: Ideally one, but very difficult to do.

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Happy man with shovel, Hvitarvatn

River: Hvitarvatn

Grid Reference: 64deg32′N: 20degl3′W

Grade: Flat Water Lake in Spectacular Scenery

Length: 10 km

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Tom on Dangleberry Drop

River: Hvita i Arnessyslu (upper section)

Grid Reference: 64 deg 32′ N; 20 deg 13′W.

Grade: IV with one V

Length: 13 km

Date run: 11.07.91

Weather conditions: Fine

River level: Medium

Significant portages: None

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Viewing a HFD on the Pjorsa

River: Pjorsa (canyon to the south of Burfell)

Grid Reference: 64 deg 5′ N; 19deg50′ W.

Grade: V and VI

Length: ???

Date run: Inspected 09.7.91.

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny.

River level: Huge and foamy.

Significant portages: Numerous.

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Tom on the rapid above Aldeyjarfoss

River: Skjalfandafljot

Grid Reference: 65 deg 19′ N;   17 deg 20′ W.

Grade: IV

Length: 10 km

Date run: 04.08.91

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny

River level: Medium??.

Significant portages: One

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River: Laxa i Adaldal

Grid Reference: 65deg48′N; 17deg12′W

Grade: IV

Length: 0.5km

Date run: 02.08.91

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny

River level: ???

Significant portages: None

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