River: Markarfljot (upper section)

Grid Reference: 63 deg 45′N; 19 deg 15′ W.

Grade: III

Length: 8-10 Km

Date run: 17.07.91

Weather conditions: Cloud and drizzle

River level: Moderate

Significant portages: None

Access arrangements

Put in below the road bridge some 10 km upstream of the top of the canyon bridge north east of Hattfell.


Before the start of the canyon at the road bridge by the hut south west of Hattfell.


The best place to start is below the 4m fall on the right hand bank. We found a gap in the canyon some 8km down from the fall, the rapids are continious of varying difficulty but never harder than grade III. Several canyons are passed with spectacular walls. The most serious rapid on the river is just in the last piece of canyon where a wide pourover should be avoided either right or left.
This is not a difficult section of river but there is nowhere dull and there is some very impressive scenery with lots of geese and pink flowers.