River: Laxa i Adaldal

Grid Reference: 65deg48′N; 17deg12′W

Grade: IV

Length: 0.5km

Date run: 02.08.91

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny

River level: ???

Significant portages: None

Access arrangements

Put in below the weir on the upper reservoir of the Laxa hydroelectric scheme.


Take out after the rapids finish.


This is 500 metres of fairly tight and technical low volume grade IV (Welsh Stream Grading) with one possible V drop at the bottom. The drop immediately below the weir is best avoided because it lands on a rocky ledge. Get in immediately below. 150 metres of grade II leads up to the first fall, 2.5m high into a deep pool. This is best run middle to right. Portage the next fall, it also lands on nasty rocks. Have a quick look at the next 300m, the final drop is approached down a steep set of rapids with only one real route. This last drop is on a sharp right hand bend. However you do it you’ll probably screw up but have a go anyway. A good thrashing never did anyone any harm. Get out and pick up the pieces in the pool below.