Viewing a HFD on the Pjorsa

River: Pjorsa (canyon to the south of Burfell)

Grid Reference: 64 deg 5′ N; 19deg50′ W.

Grade: V and VI

Length: ???

Date run: Inspected 09.7.91.

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny.

River level: Huge and foamy.

Significant portages: Numerous.

Access arrangements

It would be possible to start around the new weir site.


Somewhere above the horrible death.


This has not been run to the best of our knowledge. After the new weir the river gets steeper and splits into two channels. There is a large fall on each channel that may require portaging. The right hand channel is definite VI. The river then joins again and is followed by another VI drop. The grade drops to easy IV with big waves and pourovers to avoid. After about 500 metres there is a miserable 7 metre drop. The Icelandic’s used to (and may still do so) throw there criminals into the top of this and if they were still alive at the bottom they were pardoned. Although it is unlikely that many survived it is not worth doing the drop so that you can claim a first descent. After this the river appears to ease up.