Andy on the big drop on the lower Geithellnaa

River: Geithellnaa (lower section)

Grid Reference: 64 deg 36′ N: 14 deg 40′ W.

Grade: IV in low water with one V. IV in high water with 2 V and one VI.

Length: 2 km.

Date run: 25.07.91.

Weather conditions:   Dull and misty.

River level:   Very low.

Significant portages:  Depends on river level.

Access arrangements

There is a rough track up the north bank. If you arrive at the plain (5 km from route 1) you’ve gone too far.


There is an old concrete arch bridge crossing the river. Get off next to this.


View of the lower Geithellnaa

The first drop is a small grade III. The river then flattens before taking a sharp right into the gorge. Inspection is essential, the river falls 4 m followed by several stoppers. This should be run on the right (if at all). The following drop can be run on a tounge just right of centre. A river wide drop which is safe at low river levels but dangerous as river levels increase should be inspected. The river then turns sharp left with a 2-3 m vertical drop. A perfect chicken shoot can be found on the right consisting of several bouncy drops leading to the final plummet. In low water this is a gas on the left, at higher levels a large hole fills the gap between the two large rocks. Not to be taken lightly. There is nothing harder than grade II after this.