Rob on the Jokula i Fljotsdal

River: Jokulsa i Fljotsdal

Grid Reference: 64 deg 55′N; 15 deg 14′W.

Grade: IV one V fall.

Length: 7 km?.

Date run: 26.07.91.

Weather conditions: Sunny/Cloudy.

River level: Moderate.

Significant portages: None.

Access arrangements

Drive up the track on the north side of the river. Access just after the farmhouse with the three mad dogs and the gate.


Egress just after the breaking stopper/corking surfing wave on the right hand side.


Ian on the Jokula i Fljotsdal

The first major rapid is a drop on a right hand bend. You have to catch the eddy on the left just at the top and then down the centre or else skirt just past the large stopper on the right. The stoppers at the bottom should cause no problem. A few more bumpy bits follow then a large IV drop with quite a tricky entry.This requires inspection. Avoid the large hole in the lead up rapid then then run left of centre. There is a large pourover on the right which you are easily pushed into. The stopper on the left could also be a problem if the river was up.
Two smaller drops follow. Both would have large holes in if the level was high. Run both down the centre. There is nothing else tricky on this stretch. When you get to a large rock just right of centre you should shoot by the channel right of the rock. If the river is up then check the hole below this. When you get to the egress don’t miss the wave on the right. Well worth surfing.