Back to Reykjavík

Woke up early to the noise of a door banging in the wind; got up and shut it, noting a short wheel base Landrover just outside. Went back to sleep, and woke much later, the Landrover having gone. Perhaps it was just a dream… The wind had died down in the night and Andy had spent a while in the morning searching for Tom and I hidden away in the barn.

Continued south from our camp spot and drove through Þingvellir, and took a look at the River Sog. We had been told that there was a section of the Sog worth paddling, but there is a lot of hydro here, and you have to be there when the river has been turned on. We found the section we had been told about after a bit of searching, and it looked like it may well have been an interesting section to paddle on, but there was no water at all, so we headed down to Selfoss and a bit of civilisation.

Arranged to head off to Reykjavík where we watched Mr Bean on the telly before hitting the sack.