Andy and Rob getting the benefit of mud at the Blue Lagoon

Chaos In the USSR

Woke up with my alarm and got Coffee and branflakes for breakfast. Quite a treat. The newspapers are full of stories from Moscow, were it sounds like there is a bit of a revolution going on. Gorbachev and Yeltsin have been ousted by the USSR Army and KGB. I don’t suppose I will hear too much more detail until we get back to the UK. We have been fairly well isolated from world events for the last 2 months.

Raining again as we left Reykjavík to have a trip out to explore the Reykjanes peninsular. Pretty sure there won’t be any rivers to kayak on, but there may well be some surfing spots. Stopped off at a shopping mall and a post office, before heading to the Blue Lagoon. Arrived in a squall, and paid our 300kr to get in. The visibility was very low in the swimming area, but we had a good time, smearing mud on ourselves and trying to keep warm.

Waves pumping in on the south side of Reykjanes peninsular

Moved further west and went for a walk right at the end of Reykjanes. There are some great cliffs, and a lighthouse we managed to turn on by placing my coat over the light sensor. There was a lot of energy in the sea today, with huge waves smashing into the cliffs. Scrambled about the cliffs, and found a hole to climb down into and get a closer look at the sea. Andy got a soaking from a particularly large wave.

Amusing scenes on the music scene tonight at our campsite near Grindvik. I had a tape with the Hall and Oates Private Eyes recorded on it. The album is so tedious that I had taped Aqualung over the top years ago, and Tom who has a particular dislike of Jethro Tull allowed the Hall and Oates to get played. I am not 100% sure if he now also disliked Hall and Oates, or thinks we are pulling the wool over his eyes.

More vegetarian debates at dinner time too this evening. I noticed that the sponge pudding we have been eating through out the trip actually contain animal fat. I cannot persuade Tom not to eat his portion though, and conclude that deep down he is part carnivore too.

Waves pumping in to a sea cave on the south side of Reykjanes peninsular