Tom and Andy surfing in East Iceland

Back in the East Fjords

Andy nearly beat me out of bed this morning, but I put on a bit of a sprint and got their first. Stopped off in Höfn for the garage and post office. Saw two wally hitch hikers as we left town, clad in amusing hoods and bearing silly sticks. Got a hoot and a wave, but no lift from us. A moment of anxiety as we drove out of  Höfn as we were followed by the local Police, but our fast driving and cunning manoeuvring lost him.

The coast road really is spectacular. We take a small side road that was marked as Lokað in 1989. Back at the coast, we see some good looking surf and Andy decides we should go surfing, and we find a road to the beach. We park close to a dead reindeer that could have been a possible replacement for billy, were it not for the folds of rotten flesh still on the scalp. We troffed lunch, and I felt a bit sick before paddling. I took photos before getting on myself, and just left the camera on the beach in the dry bag. It did not look like the sort of beach that had a lot of passers-by.

The beach we surfed from in East Iceland

The beach had some very strange sand on it, full of air. There are also lots of terns. The surf was very intermittent. 10 minutes of waves, followed by a period of flat calm. Got some great rides though when there were some waves. The Pyranha Master surfs very well, and managed numerous loops. Also it is not raining, perhaps we are now out of the rain shadow that Kirkjubæjarklaustur is in.

Drove back up to the lower part of the Geithellnaá and inspected the drops we had run in 1989. The large drop at the top could well be a run this year. The water is a bit lower and it does not look quite so scary.

Computer game suffered a failure tonight and we had to take it apart and clean the contacts.