Back to East Iceland

Incredibly good night’s sleep with somewhat disturbing dreams about kayaking on a river made of lava. Raining when we got up; is Kirkjubæjarklaustur the wettest place on the planet? Set of in a subdued state back off to the East Coast, and stop off at the Dalsará for a paddle.

Andy drives for us as he thinks it is too wet to bother to get out and paddle, but the Dalsará does turn out to be an enjoyable paddle. No photos though as it was so wet we did not want to get the cameras out.

Lunch was more Rivita (8 pieces each). Very nice views of the Vatnajokull as we head east. More Landrover problems though, the steering arm on the RHS keeps coming loose and making the steering even worse than usual. A few minutes spannering and nut-rounding and we are back on the road. Stopped off at Jokulsarlon and saw how much the ice had changed in 3 weeks. Lots more tourists too than 3 weeks ago.

Stop off at a really great campsite, and it has stopped raining. Spend the evening climbing on some small crags near-by. Eventually I manage to get up the move that Tom and Andy were doing, but neither Andy or I can do the overhang move that Tom is so pleased about.

I cook myself a chopped ham stir-fry starter this evening and cause a bit of consternation amongst the vegetarian members of the Expedition. It was absolutely delicious and made a great change from all the bloody beans I have been made to eat.

Tom is getting upset as he can only score 900 on the hand-held computer game we bought in Aberdeen, where as I scored 9350 last night.