Andy takes the high route on Godafoss

River:  Skjalfandafljot

Grid Reference: 65 deg 41′ N; 17 deg 32′W.

Grade: III

Length: 2km

Date run:  03.08.91

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny

River level: Medium

Significant portages: One

Access arrangements

Either get in above Godafoss on the east bank or else below the horrible death which can be seen from the bridge on the west bank.


There is a track running down the east side, Egress after the end of the rapids.


Rob on Godafoss (as used in Pyranha Adverts)

The main reason for doing this section of the river is Godafoss, a very impressive river wide horse shoe waterfall about 8 metres high. This has been shot numerous times down the far left and once down the slightly higher shoot on the left. As far as we know it has never been shot down the even higher central shoot.

If you’re not the plummeting poseing to tourist type get in below the horrible mincing drop after Godafoss. This has not been shot numerous times for obvious reasons. Get out about 2 kms further downstream after the rapids have finished. There is nothing to worry about on this section.