Tom making Rivta sandwiches for our walk

A mountain walk near Laki

The sun got us up this morning again, first time for a while. Had a cooked breakfast, and for once, we are leaving the tent here for the day, so no made packing. We make an early start and head off on a walk. We plan to walk back to the Skafta, then head upstream towards the Vatna Jokull and come back via the hills.

Some interesting things on the way. There are great areas of quick clay by the river and we entertain ourselves by discovering its thixotropic and Bingham plastic properties. We came across a small hut that was partly filled with hay, but also had a railway ticket from Fort William to Rannoch Moor pinned to the rafters.

View of the upper Skafta and the Vatnajokull

Above the massive sloping rapid, the river looks pretty flat as it comes down from the Vatna Jokull. Lots of braiding, but nothing much to note. We climbed onto a ridge that really was like a knife edge and made our way south again back to the tent. Excellent views all around, HofsjökullLangjökullVatnajökull and Mýrdalsjökull all visible.

Ended the day with a game of pétanque, which Andy wins hands down. Round off the evening with some Simon and Garfunkel.

View of Langisjór and Vatnajokull

View of the Skafta valley