No new photos today, so here is the Landrover at Skogáfoss a few days ago

West to Reykjavik

We start the day with a search for Gas. Our bottle does not have the same adapter as everyone else in the country, and we have failed to so far to find a garage that can fill it up. 

We eventually call our friend in Reykjavik and head over there to meet him. The gas problem gets fixed by us borrowing an 11kg bottle.

We get an invite to a party, with the advice that we should dress smartly! Oh dear, smart clothes were not on the packing list and we arrive at the party and look a bit out of place. Post party, we head off the centre of Reykjavik and visit the Cuckoo on the Post pub and the Cafe Amsterdam. Get to see a band called Deep Jimi and the Zep Creams. They are not too awful, but the lead man really is a bit of a poser and was clad in Woodstockesque garb.

Eventually get a taxi home. It is 3am and broad daylight.