Andy, sea kayaking near Dore Holm

Arrival in Shetland

Arrived at 8:00 in Lerwick harbour. Drove up to Ollaberry to have breakfast with some friends, then headed out west to paddle around the cliffs at Esha Ness

Kayaking in sea caves under the Esha Ness Cliffs

Sea was about as flat as could be, and there was only a gentle breeze. Paddled from Tangwick, out to Dore Holm, before passing under the Esha Ness cliffs and exploring some sea caves. Managed a bit of playing about in the waves, and Tom found a suitable cliff to jump off into the sea. Came back to Hamna Voe and I ran back round to Tangwick to get the Landrover.

Back to Ollaberry for some tea, and then back to Lerwick to catch the 2:00am Smyril Line ferry to Iceland via the Faeroes.

Playing about in the Notch, under the Esha Ness cliffs