Icelandic River Guides

Kayaking on Icelandic Rivers

This video is a reworked edit from old Super 8 film taken during the 1989 trip on a descent of the Skjalfandafljot.

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Surfing on the South Coast of Iceland

Got up early with the hope of going surfing on the south coast of Iceland near the mouth of the Ölfusá. Bit of vehicle fiddling before we set off, we exchanged the oil in our rear axle. It all looks pretty nasty, so fingers crossed, a quick flush of new oil will help. continue reading…


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More Landrover Fights

Spent the day in Reykjavík fixing up several problems with the Landrover. We have turned into the University of Sheffield Landrover Maintenance Expedition. Bit of a slow start though, after the efforts of yesterday.

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Close up of the failed bearing on our Landrover on the road near Strandakirkja

Landrover Maintenance

I crawled out of bed and off to work. Well, actually we started with breakfast, and then set off on our mission to fix the rear axle problems on our Series IIA Landrover. Needed to adjust the bearings on the truck we went in before we left, so I am now learning rather a lot about wheel bearings on cars.

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The wheel falls off our ancient series IIA Landrover near Strandakirkja

Another Day, Another Landrover Disaster

Another day dawns, and we pack the Landrover and cruise. Head back to Grindavik for fuel and water and after some confusion in the complex road system in Grindavik we head off east for Porslarhöfn. All appeared to be going well until…..

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Andy and Rob getting the benefit of mud at the Blue Lagoon

Chaos In the USSR

Woke up with my alarm and got Coffee and branflakes for breakfast. Quite a treat. The newspapers are full of stories from Moscow, were it sounds like there is a bit of a revolution going on. Gorbachev and Yeltsin have been ousted by the USSR Army and KGB. I don’t suppose I will hear too much more detail until we get back to the UK. We have been fairly well isolated from world events for the last 2 months.

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Back to Reykjavík

Woke up early to the noise of a door banging in the wind; got up and shut it, noting a short wheel base Landrover just outside. Went back to sleep, and woke much later, the Landrover having gone. Perhaps it was just a dream… The wind had died down in the night and Andy had spent a while in the morning searching for Tom and I hidden away in the barn.

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Tom paddling his Pyranha Mountain Bat kayak on the Hvítá í Borgarfirði

Kayaking on the Hvítá í Borgarfirði

Another wet morning on the west side of Iceland. Eventually we get up and Tom and I run a section of the Hvítá í Borgarfirði. Andy drives for us as his kayak is in no state to run a river with this many rocks in it. continue reading…


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Barnafossar: one to portage in a kayak

South to Rivers

Raining this morning in Fjarðarhornsdalur, and I let Andy get up first and lurked in bed hoping that the debris of last week’s food box will be sorted out. We left Kollafjörður and the north west fjords today and headed south again in search of more rivers. The north west fjords of Iceland is a great place, but there is not much in the way of river kayaking. continue reading…


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Great Northern Divers in the west fjords of Iceland

Great Northern Divers

It was a gorgeous morning today. The sort of morning that makes you feel like you should have got out of bed several hours earlier. We lazed about for a while enjoying the sun before heading off. Sea was like a mirror and there were excellent reflections of the surrounding hills. continue reading…