Icelandic River Guides

Kayaking on Icelandic Rivers

Andy on the upper Geithellnaa

River: Geithellnaa (upper section)

Grid Reference: 64 deg 37′N:   14 deg 50′W.

Grade: IV with one V fall.

Length: ?

Date run: 30.06.91.

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny.

River level: Medium.

Significant portages: None.

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Rob on the Pjorsa

River: Pjorsa (lower section)

Grid Reference: 63 deg 56′ N; 20 deg 38′ W.

Grade: IV.

Length: 2 km.

Date run: 8.07.91.

Weather conditions: Very hot and sunny.

River level: High.

Significant portages: None.

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Rob paddling a Pyranha Master on the Nordurdalsa

River: Nordurdalsa.

Grid Reference: 64 deg 52′ N: 14 deg 10′ W.

Grade: IV with V falls.

Length: 6 km.

Date run: 28.06.91.

Weather Conditions: Dull.

Level: Moderate/low.

Significant portages: None.

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River: Hvita i Arnessyslu (lower section

Grid Reference: 64 deg 17′ N; 20 deg 10′ W.

Grade: III

Length: 4 km

Date run: 10.07.91.

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny

River level:

Significant portages: None.

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Andy on the big drop on the lower Geithellnaa

River: Geithellnaa (lower section)

Grid Reference: 64 deg 36′ N: 14 deg 40′ W.

Grade: IV in low water with one V. IV in high water with 2 V and one VI.

Length: 2 km.

Date run: 25.07.91.

Weather conditions:   Dull and misty.

River level:   Very low.

Significant portages:  Depends on river level.

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Rob on the Jokula i Fljotsdal

River: Jokulsa i Fljotsdal

Grid Reference: 64 deg 55′N; 15 deg 14′W.

Grade: IV one V fall.

Length: 7 km?.

Date run: 26.07.91.

Weather conditions: Sunny/Cloudy.

River level: Moderate.

Significant portages: None.

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Rob on the Whirling Dervish, Upper Skafta

River: Skafta (upper section)

Grid Reference: Access 64 deg 5′N; 18 deg 25′W. Egress   63 deg 55′ N; 18 deg 35′ W.

Grade:  IV with some V and VI.

Length:  20-25 km.

Date run:  21.07.91 – 22.07.91.

Weather conditions: Dull and misty.

River level: Medium

Significant portages: Loads.

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Andy takes the high route on Godafoss

River:  Skjalfandafljot

Grid Reference: 65 deg 41′ N; 17 deg 32′W.

Grade: III

Length: 2km

Date run:  03.08.91

Weather conditions: Hot and sunny

River level: Medium

Significant portages: One

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Tom on the Hvita i Borgarfirdi

River: Hvita i Borgarfirdi

Grid Reference: 64 deg 43′N; 20deg50′W.

Grade: III-IV depending on the portages

Length: 10km

Date run: 17.08.91

Weather conditions: Warm and dry

River level:

Significant portages: Quite a few.

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Collect boats from Pyranha

Collecting Kayaks from Steve Wells at Pyranha Mouldings

Drove over to Runcorn to collect boats and paddles from Pyranha Mouldings Ltd. I have previously bought 2 Premier II slalom kayaks here, but today got two Mountain Bats, for Tom and Andy, and a Master for myself. We all bought Kober paddles, and Pyranha buoyancy aids. Managed to find someone to photograph me shaking hands with Steve Wells, with my rather dirty white Ford Escort van as a backdrop.