Walk in to study the snout of a glacier coming off the Drangajökull icecap

Further North and Further West

Got up last as we are all a bit knackered and needed a lie in, and it was raining steadily. I eventually braved the elements and found out the rain was not as bad as it sounded in the tent. We troffed our breakfast and hit the road with the plan to head to the north-west part of Iceland.

It rained non-stop as we drove northwards, but by dint of some miracle, my accelerator pedal foot remained dry. Stopped for diesel at a garage, and they were selling egg, bacon chips and bread. At £7 this was our of our price range, but it did look rather tasty. It was a long drive, and we passed some rather strange road works, but eventually we arrived at the foot of the Drangajökull. We drove up a small track and went for a walk up to the snout of the glacier coming down from the icecap.

Andy and Tom posing in Buffalo Mountain Shirts at under a glacier at the Drangajökull icecap

The walk in was about 90 minutes, but well worth it. I blasted off ½ a film of shots of the glacier and streams and waterfalls. Spent a bit of time scrambling about under the ice, marvelling at the blue ice and striations being creating in front of our eyes. Took a detour on the way out and found some thixotropic mud to play with.

Our series IIA Landrover with the Drangajökull in the background

Staggered back to the Landrover, and are now camped by the sea near Kaldalón.