Last night's sunset at our campsite on the Eystri Jökulsá

A day of Recovery

The weather looked miserable this morning when we woke up in the Eystri Jökulsá valley. The rain came down as we left our campsite; Andy was driving and his right foot got wet as the rain drips through the front of the Landrover.

We stopped off for a post office visit and garage and also found a swimming pool. It was raining steadily, but even though the swimming pool was out doors, it did not matter too much. The pool was deep enough for a diving competition and we were the only people there when we arrived. Andy won the breast stoke and freestyle race, and I won the backstroke. A young lad arrived and he found it immensely amusing to  jump on our backs as we swam about. Some workmen also came along and strimmed the border around the pool. Very unlike an English leisure centre!

View from our tent in the north west fjords of Iceland

We departed and headed further west and took a look at the Blandá. It was totally empty of water, and we assume there are some hydro works further upstream. Now camped by the sea in a very calm fjord. Tom caused a minor upset cooking tea when he used warm and not boiling water to make the custard. It just did not thicken, but fortunately we discovered that putting it back on the stove for a bit resolved the problem.