Tom kayaking on the Skjálfandafljót just above Aldeyjarfoss

A second go at the Skjálfandafljót

Bit of a late start, after the epic of yesterday. The early morning Landrover inspection reveals that one of the front springs has failed. The Landrover still rolls, and the front axle is not resting on the end stop, but there is quite a sag at the front, and we are concerned that the front axle may even come adrift. 

In spite of the Landrover crisis, Tom and I paddle the section of the Skjálfandafljót that we aborted on yesterday. Tom is down to a spare set of paddles as we failed to find his after the sump incident. The river is v. enjoyable, and we carefully avoid the sump that Tom went down yesterday. We walk around Aldeyjarfoss, it is rather larger than we want to paddle. There are loads of tourists looking at the falls, and we get a good bit of scrutinisation from them.

Tom looking back up at Aldeyjarfoss: one we walked around

We got off the river, and headed off north back to Route 1 to see if we can find a Landrover repair shop. We have no luck, and limp down the road to Akureyri. Have a chat at the tourist office, and they give us the address of a garage. Back to civilisation again and we make some phone calls back home. Find out that Shaun Pearce has won the Slalom K1 world championships in Tacen.

The Landrover garage is closed so we head off north and are now camped by the sea just outside Dalvík. Still no great plan to fix the Landrover, but at least we are able to move about. Get another great sunset.

Fish, out to dry by the sea at Dalvík