Tom mucking about on the Ytri Ranga

Ytri Ranga

Up and away by 11am. Bothered by flies again at breakfast. Plan today is to meet our Icelandic friends at the put-in and run the Ytri Rangá together. The Ytri Rangá is a great looking clear water river with some easy grade III rapids a bit of a waterfall.

We meet up as planned and I help run the shuttle, which is so much simpler when you have more than one vehicle. We leave our Landrover at the bottom, and I get a chance to drive a monster 6.2l diesel GMC truck with balloon tyres. It is like being in a lorry, masses of power and very light power steering. First time I have driven a left hooker.

The river is great fun, and it makes a pleasant change to be kayaking on fresh water, rather than dirty glacial rivers. We find a spot for pulling popouts, and I take some shots of Tom. I have a go myself, and end up side surfing the stopper, upsidedown with someone else’s expensive video camera in a dry bag between my legs. Best not push my luck, and I am glad I don’t have to bail out.

Rob on the big drop on the Ytri Ranga

There is a waterfall on the river and we have a go at running it. Proves to be good fun, and we get videoed too. Our Icelandic friends cannot quite believe what muck we are eating and refuse to join in on our megre lunch. I think we all agree that it is far from perfect.

Our inability to pronounce the names of rivers and towns also causes much amusement and we try to ensure some pronunciation tuition. Once left alone, we have great fun exaggerating the pronunciation of the Hvitá. Heeerrrrrrrr — wheat — ow. Keeps us entertained all evening.