View of Þjórsárdal and the Þjórsá from the top of Búrfell

Climbing Búrfell

Woke quite late this morning. The sun did not get us up at 3am and we did not fall out of bed in a terrible sweat. We are due to meet our Icelandic friends tomorrow (Saturday) at the Ytri Ranga, so we decide to stay in the area and walk up Búrfell, a 669m high mound in Þjórsárdal.

Start of day delayed somewhat by me insisting on finishing off the Thornbirds. Stop off in Flúðir and find a shop where we are able to replenish our stock of Bic Biros.

View of Þjórsárdal from the top of Búrfell

On the way to the bottom of Búrfell, we pass some hydro works on the Þjórsá and see some true kayking horrors. Not only is there a massive weir that has a towback from hell, we find an innocent looking piece of flat water that has votex on the surface. This is a nasty drowning spot, and it looks just like a giant bathplug. We can see on the other side of the man made barrage where the water pours back into the Þjórsá. This really is not a place to get the kayaks out, but I am sure will give us nightmares to come.

We have a great walk up Búrfell, although it is pretty windy on the top. Great views of Þjórsárdal and the Þjórsá.

We then head over to the Ytri Ranga and find a campsite that we hope we will not get moved on from. Lovely sunset, listening to Pink Floyd.

Sunset by the Ytri Ranga