Tom and Andy playing Paddle Hac at the top of the Hvitá

Flat calm and another crack at the Hvitá

After all the wind yesterday, it is flat calm this morning and there are flies everywhere. We take the tent down fighting off the flies and eat breakfast in the Landrover. Tom cannot face frying the Pommes Maison, so it is warm reconstituted mashed potatoes for breakfast, yummy.

We hit the road and plan to run the section of the Hvitá that we failed to do on Sunday. No joy in finding a post office, so our letters remain un-sent. After a long drive, we get to the put-in and set about getting lunch ready. Andy runs the shuttle. Tom and I practice our juggling while we wait, then develop a tennis-style game played with paddles and a hacky sack. We call this “Paddle Hac” and it proves to be a great way to pass the time waiting for the 3rd person to run the shuttle.

Tom with a nice cross-court shot in Paddle Hac

The river is a nice grade III, and we had some fun on the play wave we visited on Sunday. Andy is running out of steam somewhat. I hope our diet is not too bad.  Beri-beri when polished rice is main food and all that. We get off by the road bridge before the canyon, and set off in search of a camp site.

Visit Gulfoss, but only Andy has the energy to take a closer look. We are now camped in the mist and rain on a bleak moor land. The Landrover is leaking though most of its orifices and the drivers door is not shutting properly.